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Secrets To Solving Summer Skin Problems

Sun, surf, sand, swimming – or just hiding from the heat to stay cool…. How do you take care of your skin during a hot summer? The reality is that there is more to summer skin care than just slip slop slap.


When the weather is hot and, depending on where you live, possibly humid as well, your skin can produce more oil, increasing the chances of clogged pores. Your skin has to work extra hard on repairing itself from sun and heat damage. Dead skin cells leave your skin looking rough, dull and dry. Help your skin with this process by using a gentle exfoliant to buff away the dead skin cells and keep your skin looking smooth and glowing. Exfoliating also helps to regenerate new skin cells, which can help to slow the ageing process, and it can also help your skin to absorb moisturisers more easily. Don’t overdo it though, once a week is enough.


Some exfoliants can be terribly harsh on your skin. Watch the ingredients list since things that sound natural may still be damaging, such as ‘fruit acids’ like alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta hydroxy acid (BHA). Nushka’s Face and Body scrub uses pink Kaolin clay as the active ingredient. This clay has a profound ability to absorb toxins from the skin while combating skin irritation and dryness.The bamboo acts as a gentle yet effective exfoliant.

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Staying hydrated, inside and out, is vital to healthy skin. It’s easier to remember to drink when the weather is hot, but often we still don’t drink enough. We lose so much fluid in Summer to sweating so keeping on top of your fluid intake is vital. Your skin draws fluid from within, so don’t make it thirsty by not providing enough! Allowing your body to get dehydrated not only affects how you feel (flat and tired), but adequate hydration flushes toxins from your body – which has a direct effect on your skin.

Moisturising is just as important in Summer as it is in Winter, even though your skin may not feel as dry as it does in Winter. This is the way you stay hydrated from the outside. In fact, if your skin becomes more oily, it can actually be a sign that it is dehydrated, since the skin then produces more oil in an attempt to prevent itself drying out. Just like the effect of heating in Winter, air conditioning in Summer can be dehydrating to the skin.





Nushka’s facial moisturiser is crafted for all skin types, so you don’t have to worry about whether it is the right product for you. 

It is especially helpful for skin in need of extra hydration which makes it perfect for Summer! The base is ORGANIC shea butter, the  beauty secret of ancient E

gyptians who used it to protect their hair and skin from harsh, hot environments. If it protects them from the heat in Egypt, it’s perfect for our Australian weather.

There are no harsh chemicals in this product, instead it is formulated with organic rosehip oil, aloe vera and frankincense oil. These special ingredients make this product not only deeply hydrating, but a nourishing, anti-ageing powerhouse. You’ll see parched, sun damaged skin transformed!

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Cool off with a face mist! Not only can this make you feel refreshed and awake, but it helps to sooth sun damage and inflammation, and further hydrates your skin. These ingredients also provide a layer of protection against the environment.

Our divine Face and Body Mist is more than just a spritzer. It’s even more than a burst of hydration for your skin. This product is a trifecta of incredible natural ingredients that will revitalise tired skin, soothe a busy mind, and as an added bonus, keep Summer insects at bay!

Famous for its calming nature, Chamomile will soothe and repair damaged, inflamed skin; its antioxidants also providing protection from environmental stressors. The inclusion of Brown Boronia flower essence will slow a worried mind and encourage tranquil thoughts.

In addition, Nushka Face and Body Mist lets you rehydrate with the healing, uplifting properties of Lemon Eucalyptus, refreshing stressed out skin. The Lemon Eucalyptus antibacterial properties can prevent breakouts after exercise and will cool hot, sweaty skin. It’s also an effective natural, healthy alternative to keep pesky bugs at bay.

Try it today – you won’t believe how lovely it makes you feel!


I named my product range Nushka, as the word has its origin from the Hindu word meaning “precious possession”.


“Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and therefore being mindful about the foods we eat, is just as important, as to the skin products we apply onto our skin” – Kush.


The logo shows the Angel of Beauty and Care, along with the herbs and plants we use in the products. This angel is beautiful, just like the skincare range, which is made with love and care for our skin and body.


I invite you to try it for yourself, and am pleased to offer you a Summer special of 10% off your order. Use the code OFFER10 at the checkout to get your discount.

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