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Created from precious natural and organic ingredients, naturopathically formulated, Nushka Skincare products are Free from harmful chemicals, contain no synthetic preservatives, vegan friendly and are cruelty free.
Nushka Face and Body Scrub

Face and Body Scrub

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All Skin Types

Your skin naturally sheds dead skin on it’s own but an exfoliant works to speed up the process. Skin appears refreshed and smoother after the exfoliant polishes away the old cells.

If you’re plagued by large pores, regular exfoliation will help tighten and reduce their appearance, not to mention lift out the excess oil responsible for breakouts.

I recommend exfoliating once a week, after using your cleanser. Pink Kaolin Clay is an active ingredient in my invigorating Face And Body Scrub. The clay has a profound ability to absorb toxins from the skin while combating skin irritation and dryness. Use weekly, following your cleanser.


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How to Use

Take a 10-cent piece amount of face and body scrub out from the bottle onto your wet palm, lather onto face with a gentle massage, and then wash face and body. Follow with the Eye Cream and the Serum OR the Moisturiser.


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Matricaria Recutita Water (German Chamomile), Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Powder, Pink Clay, Vegetable Glycerine, Cetearyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Alcohol, Prunus Amygadalus Dulds Oil (Sweet Almond Oil), Citrus Sinensis Essential Oil (Sweet Orange), Rosemarinus Officinalis Essential Oil (Rosemary), Parfum (Natural Preservative).

Active Ingredients

Pink Kaolin Clay
A skillfully balanced blend of the White and Red kaolin. It is rich in aluminum oxide. This clay is ideal for normal skin types due to its unique balance of properties. As you may have noticed the Red Kaolin clay provides a profound absorption of toxins and clogged oil from the skin while the mild White clay combats skin irritation and dryness. Pink Kaolin combines both of these properties.
A great exfoliant, its fine enough to offer a gentle feel on the skin, yet effective exfoliation. This is the product you’re looking for if you want an effective foaming scrub.
Bamboo is a very precious plant. It is an exotic reed stemming from Asia, which is now cultivated all around the world for decorative purposes. The bamboo powder is prepared from tabashir bamboo.
Rosemary Essential Oil
Stimulates blood circulation.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

3 reviews for Face and Body Scrub

  1. Isabella

    I love this scrub so much! I’ve seen a huge difference in my acne and overall complexion because of this amazing product!! Highly recommend!

  2. Serena

    I highly recommend the nushka products! This is by far the best purchase I have made. I went to endota spa and spent almost $200 to get rid of my pimples, black and white heads. The lady told me to get the creams to help prevent it. I went home and I started breaking out even more. Skin went all red and my skin was peeling. I then used the nushka scrub, cleanser and moisturiser and I can see such a change. My skin is back to feeling soft again.

  3. Miriam Connelly

    So many exfoliators have left my skin feeling red and raw. This works completely differently and is so refreshing. My skin feels new!

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