"I am a 27 year old Female now living a healthylife style thanks to Kush and her treatment with natural medicine.

I went through a tough period 2-3 years ago, I was addicted to drugs (ICE) and was struggling with all aspects of my life which caused a lot of stress and mental illness including anxiety and depression. Kush used a combination of herbal medicine, diet, flower essence and holistic counselling, to treat me and through this I was able to defeat my addiction to drugs.

This was the turning point for me and I am so grateful for the treatment and help I recieved if it wasn't for that I don't know if I would be where I am today. I now have a new perspective on life. "


“Kush has been such a tremendous help to me over the last 18 month in dealing with anxiety, fear of flying, low energy, headaches and bad food habits. I consider Kush part of my non negotiable Self Care team. She has a wealth of information, is very caring and straightforward and has a genuine interest in educating her clients and helping them to reach a better quality of health and healing. Thanks Kush for your dedication and patience in helping me to take better care of myself and improve my food habits.”


My daughter was suffering extreme anxiety and had great difficulty coping with even simple things in everyday life. My own efforts and those of professionals that I had sought out were having no positive effect.

She began her Naturopathy treatment with Kush and the turnaround has been remarkable. The combination of herbal medicine, diet change and Kush’s counselling has brought about a much improved outlook, a positive response to coping with issues and has enabled her to return to work. “


“I would like to say a massive thank you to Kush Vatchha for coming into my life!

I first decided to visit Kush when I experienced peri-menopausal symptoms. There was no way I wanted to head down the path I saw my mother and older co-workers down.

The day I started stripping off my dressing gown in my kitchen in front of my children whilst having a hot flushes was the day I needed to see change. Night after night of insomnia; extreme fatigue.

10 weeks later, I am a new woman. No more hot flushes, now sleeping and rejuvanised.


“Kush is genuinely dedicated and interested in her clients, treating them on an individual basis.

Her creams which she has cleverly made up have assisted with the healing of scar tissue from the radiation I had during my cancer treatment.

I was informed from medical people that the scarring would take a long time to heal, not so when I used the creams and oils which Kush had given me.

I recommend her to anyone.”


“My kids started seeing Kush three years ago (aged 2 and 4) as they were sick all the time – ear infections, asthma, eczema, food allergy, cold and flu, and chest infections, etc., and they had been prescribed antibiotics almost every other week by our GP for a long period of time, I was desperate to find an alternative way to help my kids with their health at the time. Since we started seeking Kush’s help, she went through all our diets, and started to rebuild my kids’ immune system with her customised herbal tonic and supplements, we are all so happy that my kids haven’t have any major illnesses since then, and haven’t been on antibiotics for about 2 years now!

I was so impressed by her holistic approach, I started seeing Kush for all my health problems – constipation, sinusitis, and stress/emotional issues, Kush has been treating me with herbal tonics, supplements and flower essences. I have also attended her meditation classes and I am a lot calmer now, and able to deal with the overwhelming everyday life of being a single-parent. I am so glad I have made the decision to seek advice from Kush, and I would recommend her to everybody!”


“I have come to Kush during two stressful periods in my life, spaced almost 1 year apart. The first time my energy levels where impossibly low, that I couldn’t function during the day and had bad headaches. The second time around, during another stressful phase in my life I was actually sick and again, low on energy, with no vitality. Conventional medicine had no answer for me other than antibiotics which in my case do more damage than good.

Each time Kush has been able to identity and address several issues in my body. The treatment included herbal tonics and powders and always kept illness and symptoms at bay. The results were very good-energy being the first thing coming back.

My health is in a very good shape now, much better than ever before. It is amazing what health conditions we can get use to and accept as our burden forever, where it can really be fixed. I have never received such a thorough and attentive help when it came to my health.

I also gained a lot of knowledge through Kush that will be useful for life. I understand my body a lot better and see it as a whole – where everything is related and problems aren’t treated with Band-Aid solutions but eliminated at the root, and a lot of problems can be avoided that way. I look at it as an investment into my quality of life and definitely recommend naturopathic services.”


I consulted Kush six months ago, about fibromyalgia and arthritis. My energy levels are improving and my general health is much improved. While I am achy at times, I am happy with the treatment I have received.


“I suffered for many years with headaches and migraines with no relief from bought pain relief. I was told about naturopaths but had never tried them, and was referred to Kush, who has helped me with herbal treatment, and I have been migraine and headache free for about 18 months now, and I will never buy pain relief from chemists anymore.”


I found that Kush’s naturopathic treatment at the beginning of my recovery from an eating disorder was a very useful balance to the dietetic treatment and psychotherapy I was receiving. Kush’s treatment involved a whole body and mind approach. The herbal treatment in particular greatly assisted me at the initial stage when coping with the physical challenges of an increased dietary intake. This nutritional support helped to increase my appetite, restore my digestive processes and reduce the anxiety that I had built up around food and eating. I would recommend naturopathy as a complementary therapy to support somebody facing this particular type of challenge.


“I was tired; lacking energy, feeling flat and my digestion was a mess. I was prone to sinusitis. In a matter of 2 months my digestion improved and I felt energised and felt less drained. Kush’s advice on my diet & eating really helped me.”


“I was extremely stressed and not coping, Kush gave me flower essences, and within twenty minutes, I was calm and in control. Ever since that episode, I have been taking and loving flower essences. Thank you saved my life.”


“I was exhausted when I came to see Kush last winter, 25 weeks pregnant with a heavy cold and sinus infection. She started me on vitamins & supplements which helped my body recover from the infection and support my baby through the rest of the pregnancy.
I want to thank Kush for her thoroughness and advice. Amazingly I continued on through the remainder of my pregnancy without illness. Pregnant women do no despair! Go and see Kush, she’ll sort you out with everything you need to support your body during pregnancy, and help you out when you’re exhausted as I was.

Follow up your consults, take what she recommends, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”


“I work in a very high stress job that involves daily deadlines. The herbal mixtures Kush has made up for me have been incredible in reducing my stress levels. I feel as though I can now get through the day without feeling like I’m about to have a nervous breakdown!”


“We were introduced to Kush in June of 2010, at a time when our 14 year old son was down with a severe case of Glandular Fever. Our doctor couldn’t prescribe any medication for him except antibiotics. The treatment Kush prescribed with the natural remedies enabled our son to recover so much so that after five weeks from initial diagnosis, his blood test returned a negative result to the Fever. A big surprise to us all and our doctor. However, with this illness, ongoing fatigue can be an issue and Kush was able to provide Andrew with remedies to keep it under control.

Thank you again for your help and support.”


Thank You Kush, for your care and attention over the last past year. The herbs and supplements for the cramping in my legs and my lack of sleep, have greatly helped in remedying these problems.
Your grief counselling too, has enabled me to cope with my husband’s death and its aftermath.
Being able to embrace change and turn the negatives into positive thinking in many areas has been most helpful.
Thank you once again.

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