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Created from precious natural and organic ingredients, naturopathically formulated, Nushka Skincare products are Free from harmful chemicals, contain no synthetic preservatives, vegan friendly and are cruelty free.
Nushka Lip Balm Stick

Lip Balm Stick

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Recommended For

All skin types

Virgin beeswax together with virgin olive and carrot oil, leaves lips smooth and revitalises the appearance of lips.





Lip balm soothes, moistens and softens chapped lips, dried by the elements.
Note: This product contains virgin bees wax – not vegan friendly.

How to Use

Use liberally as and when required on lips.


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Virgin Bee wax, Virgin Olive Oil, Carrot Oil, Rosemary Extract, Sweet Orange Essential Oil.
Contains virgin bees wax. Not Vegan.

Active Ingredients

Carrot Oil
Rejuvenating and regenerating, and may help to promote elasticity, and suppleness.


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