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Lip Balm

Lip Balm It Up – The Upsides of Healthy and Hydrated Lips

We all love the look of beautiful, healthy lips, especially with the arrival of summer looking after our lips, has never been more important. The Australian sun can be, to say the least, harsh and relentless which is why we need to be aware of how to best take care of the sensitive and thinner skin that is on our lips. As many of us will now be well aware, lips can often quickly become dry, cracked and even get chapped if not well hydrated and looked after to get lips feeling softer and more revitalised. Kush Health has a unique and innovative formula that includes the highly beneficial virgin beeswax, carefully blended with virgin olive oil as well as carrot oil. Packed with rich antioxidants and minerals, the lip balm here at Kush Health will leave your lips feeling supple, fresh and glowing. Read below for just some of the great benefits of using lip balm during all seasons of the year:

1: Lip balm can make your lips smoother and reduce the appearance of age.

Who doesn’t want to look younger? It’s now easier and effortless than ever with our exclusive formula that is super hydrating and caters to combatting dryness. When lips and surrounding areas are continually hydrated and enriched with natural minerals and other naturally derived ingredients, the skin can be well equipped against ageing and wrinkles. Especially during the colder and warmer months, lips are much more susceptible to losing their hydration, which in turn means that skin is also more prone to wrinkles.

2: Wave goodbye to flaky and chapped lips with lip balm.

Have you ever been in a situation where your lips are experiencing an extreme case of dryness, to the point where the skin becomes flaked and chapped? This can completely bring down the health of your final look during any outing, and your day to day routine. Most importantly, it is your lips trying to tell you that you are not looking the delicate and thin layers of skin, which is why they lift up and become chapped. With the daily application of the exclusive and meticulously formulated lip balm here at Kush Health, you can wave goodbye to flaky skin on your lips in no time. Let your lips light up!

3: Enhance the longevity of your lip cosmetics.

With the rich and creamy formula of our innovative lip balms, we have made sure that our unique mixture of natural sources prevents cracking and bleeding of lips, which are all highly preventable with the right kind of lip care. With the majority of women experiencing high levels of dryness on their lips, it can also impact how lip glosses and lipsticks look throughout the day. With the newest fashion statement for lips being liquid lipsticks, dry lips can be an absolute nightmare with such formulas as hydration is key with these products. The benefits definitely do not stop there. With well hydrated and rejuvenated lips, lip cosmetics will also be likely too much for much more extended periods of time, meaning you get the most wear out of your products while your lips look beauty-pageant worthy all day long.

Shop our range of exclusive lip balms today from Kush Health and unlock the advantages of high-quality lip balms that are not only natural but highly replenishing to your sensitive lips.

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